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Album Discography

- Doc's Place, Friday Evening, Kiss My Jazz (Heaven Hotel/Knitting Factory, 1996)

- In A Bar Under the Sea, dEUS (Island, 1996)

- The Lost Souls' Convention, Kiss My Jazz (Heaven Hotel, 1997)

- These Days Are The Quiet Kind, Gore Slut (Heaven Hotel, 1997)

- The Ideal Crash, dEUS (Island, 1999)

- For The Birds, The Frames (Plateau, 2001)

- Glaciers, The Summer Of Mars (Loose, 2004)

- Meet The Love Substitutes While The House Is On Fire, The Love Substitutes (Heaven Hotel, 2004)

- Pocket Revolution, dEUS (Universal, 2005)

- Surviving On Dreams And Casual Sex, Mono'kiri (Kinky Star, 2006)

- More Songs About Hangovers And Sailors, The Love Substitutes (Heaven Hotel, 2006)

- Pawlowski, Trouvé & Ward, Mauro Pawlowski, Rudy Trouvé & Craig Ward (Jezus Factory, 2007)

- Lost River, Two Dollar Bash (Cannery Row, 2008)

- Volume 1, iH8 Camera (Jezus Factory, 2009)

- iH8 Camera, iH8 Camera (Trip In Time/World In Sound, 2009)

- True Bypass, True Bypass (Jezus Factory, 2010)

- A Clean Kitchen Is A Happy Kitchen, A Clean Kitchen Is A Happy Kitchen (Jezus Factory, 2011)

- Volume 2, iH8 Camera (Jezus Factory, 2011)

- Waiting For The Storm, Mark Mulholland & Craig Ward (Cannery Row/Jezus Factory, 2012)

- Toby, True Bypass (Jezus Factory, 2012)

- The History Of Music: A Mosaic, A Clean Kitchen Is A Happy Kitchen (Jezus Factory, 2013)

- New Third Lanark, Craig Ward (Jezus Factory, 2014)

- The Drive To Taxonomy, Craig Ward & Radboud Mens (Jezus Factory, 2015)

- Leave Everything Move Out, Craig Ward (Wardism, 2015)


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